The Ultimate Ransomware protection

Take your security at your hands.

We secure your data using various layers of security physically separated. No single point of failure for your important data.

All data are Encrypted

You only have the key to unlock it

Panic Button

You can have your Panic Button to erase everything any time you want

Multi Tier Redundancy

Every Backup is time based backed up to a different datacenter

Ransomware Protection

Multi Tier Redundancy will protect you from a Ransomware outburst event. Multi Tier Redundancy is a key component in this aspect

Let us handle the complexity of the solution

Innovation for your protection

Do not make compromises with your data

Save yourself and your company the trouble of Data Recovery.

Ransomware are in the increase. There doesn’t seem to exist a technology that is able to succesfully block it.

Select your Security level

By Selecting a Plan you select the corresponding security infrastructure which will protect your data.

Single Tier Security

Two Tier Security

Three Tier Security

Antivirus solutions used to provide all the security you needed but that is not the case anymore.

What is the answer to the new continuously evolving cyber-security threats.

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